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Jan 8, 2021

This episode is all about your favorites of 2020 and all our listeners that joined us to share their diesel story. Here's to 2021!

Thank you to:
Jason Wehrli from WCFAB
Exergy Engineering
Kaje Jones
Chris Patterson
Nick Priegnitz
Richard Coker
Jeremy Garnett
Engine Noise Podcast
Chris Searle
Eric and AJ from Innovative Diesel
Trent Skinner
Anthony Bruneni
Byron Sedore
Josh McCormack
Jay Gagnon
Frank Kuperman of Revmax
Jeff and Josh from Larkin Motors
Levi Marquez
Blane Robb
Jack Anderson
Dwight Kroon
Joey Hull
Corey Fedor
Steven Lux
Mike Anagnostou
Jerry Haveman
Ryan Karbaum
Matthew Scarpelli
Eric Hallen
Brett Vanleuwen
Jake Barton
Baron Jensen
Derek Wreesman
Dusty From 1023 Diesel

If we missed you in here, THANK YOU for helping us have a great 2020!