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Oct 28, 2022

Chris Ehmke and Paul Wilson are joined by RJ Snider on this week's episode! RJ is a long-time listener and diesel enthusiast like us doing big things in his community with diesel. He discusses the dirt drag event The Cornfield Callouts and some 12 valve talk. 

Are you in or near Ohio? Be sure to get out to this...

Oct 21, 2022

Chris Ehmke and Anthony Bruneni discuss the Duramax era after the LBZ. They talk LMM, LML, and L5P! Changes made each RPO code, what they think the future holds for these 6.6L trucks, and what they may think happens with the Allison Transmission!

Oct 14, 2022

Paul Wilson and Chris Ehmke go back and talk about how each Duramax RPO when released was revolutionary. While each RPO did have its weak points, the guys discuss which models are overrated and underrated. The results may shock you!

Oct 8, 2022

Nick Priegnitz of DuramaxTuner/Calibrated Power joins Paul and Chris to discuss the progression of tuning gas vehicles back in the mid-2000s, to calibrations for older diesel trucks, to where we are now with the L5P, 6.7L Powerstroke, and Cummins platforms.