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Jun 30, 2017

Paul and Chris welcome YouTuber Greg Alberalla joins the podcast to talk about his amazing channel and passion for Cummins. It all started with his brother's 1995 12V and never looked back. The guys dive into Greg's triple-turbo build and the other trucks - the Tow Rig and First Gen. It's really a good time and we'd...

Jun 23, 2017

The Diesel Performance Podcast goes on the road. In this episode, Paul and Chris get behind the wheel of CPS' Twin Turbo, Emissions Equipped, 2015 Cummins RAM - affectionally known as the RAMBOX. This shop truck is a workhorse, but it's also a sweet ride, especially with the twin turbo kit from ATS. Paul and Chris...

Jun 16, 2017

Charlie Keeter joins Paul Wilson and Chris Ehmke for a rip-roaring good time with the two-time Diesel Power Challenge winner. How did he do it with a Ford 6.0? No doubt it takes skill to win the challenge two years in a row - but some of it was just dumb luck. 

Jun 9, 2017

Nick Canon's 1985 IDI beat everyone at the recent Diesel Days at the Byron Dragway in Byron, Illinois. It's an amazing story of an 18-year-old with a 21.6 ET defeating drag racing expert and Podcast host Danny Voss. 

Jun 9, 2017

In a rowdy interview, McCoy Black recounts what happened to his '95 12V 2500 after killing it on the DYNO with 1,500 horsepower before blowing a head gasket in the quarter-mile event.