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Mar 25, 2022

We have a unique guest this week, Matt Roberts of Springboard Biodiesel joins us on this weeks episode. With the rising prices of fuel, people are looking for alternatives, Matt talks about how this can be beneficial and how it's process works if you do think this may be right for you. He touches on a lot of questions...

Mar 18, 2022

We kick off our everything fuel month with Ryan McClanahan of S&B Tanks! He discusses the most asked questions when it comes to aftermarket fuel tanks. Why do you need one? How beneficial are they? What's the purpose? He answers it all on this week's Diesel Performance Podcast!

Mar 11, 2022

Paul and Chris are going to be taking the next few weeks to discuss everything fuel! Additives, common rail, lift pumps, and blends. Get ready for a ton of knowledge in the realm of fuel.

Mar 4, 2022

Chris is joined by Andrew from HP Tuners! They discuss what the future holds for HP Tuners, every single thing their tuning platform supports (it's vast), and so much more.