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Jun 27, 2023

Chris Ehmke and Alex Hogue take you with them for a ride along in a tuned 2022 Cummins. They give you why you may want to finally tune your newer 5th gen, what it takes to have it done, and the benefits of the tuning!

Jun 20, 2023

Josh McCormack joins Paul Wilson and Chris Ehmke to discuss the weekend at UCC 2023. Josh Missed out on 1st by a mere 15 points, but threw down one of the best pulls of the weekend and put up a number of 2,879.6 HP on the dyno. He discusses the toll this weekend takes on every competitor, the camaraderie, and how...

Jun 13, 2023

They'reeeee back.... And they return to the show with the title of Ultimate Callout Challenge 2023 Winners! Tony and Tyler Burkhard join us after taking 1st at this year's UCC event. The boys join us to discuss their big weekend, what happened on the drag strip to Tyler, and being the FIRST Duramax to win the Ultimate...

Jun 6, 2023

UCC 2023 is a wrap! Huge shout out to Tony & Tyler Burkhard for taking home first place. We are currently trying to catch up after the madness of the UCC weekend, so we are bringing back an episode from 2021. It was after Justin Zeigler's first win and the wild weekend the Burkhards had. Enjoy, new episode next week.