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Mar 3, 2017

Lyle Richmond of Bully Dog joins the Diesel Performance Podcast to talk about the company's aftermarket diesel particulate filter (DPF) for the Ford 6.4L. The innovative design offers dependability as compared to the stock DPF known for failure. Lyle says Bully Dog's Performance DPF requires fewer regens of shorter duration. It increases airflow and horsepower. When combined with the company's calibrations, the Ford 6.4L owner will then be able to initiate regen and even perform a stationary or forced regen. Bully Dog's Ford 6.4L DPF is designed more for functionality than high horsepower, performance applications. Lyle says a contractor who depends on their truck to make money will want the performance DPF. It installs with a V-band clamp, allowing for easy removal for a manual cleaning - making it the last DPF a Ford 6.4L owner will ever need. 


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