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Diesel Performance Podcast

Feb 15, 2019

Paul sits down with the president of 907 Diesel, Mike Anagnostou to discuss the diesel world up north in Alaska. They also discuss 907 Diesel's upcoming event Prowl For Power June 28-30. Check it out!


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Jan 18, 2019

Joe Hager recently joined our team at  He came in driving a 2012 deleted LML Duramax with a Stealth 67.7, built trans and a few other upgrades.  

Chris Ehmke went for a ride with Joe in his truck and for a ride in Mike Gutshells Tune Only 2013 LML. Afterwards the 2 join Paul Wilson in the studio to...

Nov 30, 2018

Nick Preignitz of joins hosts Paul Wilson and Chris Ehmke to talk about the release of L5P Tuning for the 2017 + GMC and Chevy 2500 HD Diesel trucks.  

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