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Diesel Performance Podcast

Jan 17, 2020

Paul and Chris give you all the information on the new VCO Nozzle on LB7 Injectors! 

Jan 11, 2020

Paul and Chris sit down with Kaje Jones of the Diesel Power Magazine.  They discuss the future of the Diesel Power brand and how it will continue to be the best media outlet for everything diesel!

Jan 3, 2020

Paul, Chris, and Justin sit down and discuss the success stories of 2019 and what listeners can look forward to in 2020. 

Dec 27, 2019

Paul and Chris take us out in a modified 2015 LML Duramax. They discuss the benefits of a twin kit and many other aftermarket aspects!

Dec 20, 2019

Nick Priegnitz and Jamie Kerley discuss towing with your diesel truck. Many of us use our trucks to haul our toys, this episode takes a deep dive into that world.