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Apr 28, 2016

Anyone who works on a farm knows the importance of a tractor with enough power to get the job done. Anything less and the entire operation suffers. That's why we call today's episode Tractor Power Revolution. Hosts Paul Wilson and Danny Voss welcome Logan Eck of JMR Farms of Vincennes, Indiana. Logan talks about tractor up-rates and how the simple process has improved power on five tractors on his operation. Joining Logan is Calibrated Power's Nick Priegnitz. The podcast explains why and when a farm operation should consider a new calibration for a tractor. Other issues are described, including the difference between a calibration and other methods of increasing power on a farm tractor. Nick explains how a calibration works within the factory powertrain designs by respecting the importance of fuel monitoring on the system. If the tractor doesn't know how much fuel it's getting - bad things can happen. This episode is a must-hear for anyone who depends on tractor power on the farm - which is pretty much every farm operation in the world.