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Diesel Performance Podcast

Oct 16, 2021

Robby Garcia sits down and discusses the truck he is bringing to the event and if you know Robby, the man is a riot. His truck, his stories, well, you're just going to want to listen to this episode!

Oct 14, 2021

Paul talks with Tyler Buckingham to discuss how he plans to go at the ATC event with his Cummins. Tyler has some good stories from last year's event as well, we had a blast talking with him and he's looking to leave it all out there at Dragway 42 this year!

Oct 13, 2021

Chris talks with new All Truck Challenge / King Of The Street competitor, Tiffany Lovett. While this is Tiffany's first time competing at the event, she comes from the world of sled pulling having done it a good portion of her life. She talks about what she expects from herself and her LB7 at the event this weekend!

Oct 12, 2021

The guys have Patrick Pascale who in between running his own shop, getting the truck ready, and life is ready for this weekend's event! He plans on having fun with the LLY and plans on using the spray.

Oct 12, 2021

Mario Diangelo chats with the guys to discuss how he plans to up from the 7th place finish he gets perennially (the competition keeps growing in numbers though). He has got a few ideas up his sleeve for this year's competition with his Powerstroke.