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Mar 17, 2017

Ric Newberry of Exergy Engineering says he could talk for three days about injectors. Exergy is one of the industries best injector modification and diagnostic providers. In this episode, Paul and Danny ask Ric to define the various parts on an injector - from the pulse width, percent versus horsepower, along with many, many others. Ric describes building the largest injector so far - 700% over for the Ultimate Callout Challenge event coming up in April 2017. On the fuel side of diesel performance, the injector is front and center for engine performance. It's one of the first considerations for a modified diesel truck. 

Greg Spoolstra
over seven years ago

Lots of buzzwords, classic fuel system mal-practice and mis-information committed by a fuel system novice. I had to grit my teeth most of the way through this presentation. For the most part useless information.