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Oct 28, 2016

The lift pump is probably one of the most important bolt-ons you can get for your diesel truck. Lift pumps help the CP3 maintain fuel pressure, remove impurities, and seem to add life to the high-pressure side of the fuel system. The manufacturers say lift pumps improve mileage through anecdotal claims, mostly. So what are the other benefits of lift pumps? Hosts Danny Voss and Chris Ehmke talk in great detail about the lift pump and explain why it should be your first bolt-on. They talk about the two top manufacturers - Air Dog and Fass - and explain the important of filling out and sending in the damn warranty card.



Joey Zepeda
seven and a half years ago

How would a lift pump help me on my 06 Powerstroke with a HPOP!? Everything has injection pumps but not these fords? Would be good to know thanks!