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Diesel Performance Podcast

Dec 2, 2016

The legendary Gale Banks returns to the Diesel Performance Podcast. In this episode, Paul, Danny, and Nick Priegnitz learn about Gale's work with the new Duramax engine, the L5P. This episode examines the L5P's bottom end, along with the engine's amazing performance potential. Gale hopes to use the new design to reach 400 mph with a diesel at Bonneville The credit goes to GM, according to Gale. All the new and improved features on the L5P grew from GM's own design team. 

Gale and Nick then get into the weeds on DYNOs - a mutual passion. Gale believes DYNOs should focus on measuring the horsepower and torque for specific performance applications, like drag racing, sled pulling or engine design. He cannot understand the usefulness of the so-called DYNO-Queens or trucks built for the purpose of hitting a number only.

The podcast with Gale concludes with a detailed discussion about air density in diesel performance. Gale also describes a new device that will measure boost air density called the iDash C(2)i - which stands for command, control, and information.