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Dec 18, 2015

What happens when you bolt together various parts of one truck with another? The results may vary, but it's sure a lot of fun to see it all come together and work. Or maybe it doesn't work and another "Frankenbuild" or "swap" bites the dust and gets parked with a tarp over it. 

In this episode, Paul Wilson and Scott Henricks talk swaps with a trio of owners: Eric Swanson of Duraburb - a company that specializes in the installation of the Duramax drivetrain into a Suburban. Then Nick Priegnitz of Duramaxtuner.COM talks about the ApacheMAX, a 1958 Apache bolted to the frame of a 2003 2500HD. Tony Zuccarell of Elgin, Ilinois talks about dropping a Cummins into the body of a Ford Expedition.

Sit back and enjoy - and maybe you'll be inspired to do your own Frankenbuild or not.