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Nov 1, 2015

The Diesel Performance Podcast kicks off with Episode 1 with hosts Paul Wilson and Scott Henricks introducing the podcast and why it exists - to feed the passion and interest of diesel enthusiasts, no matter the badge! The conversation will range across all brands with a focus on Duramax, Cummins and Powerstroke. But don't be surprised if the talk turns to Volkswagen, Mercedes, John Deere, or even Detroit Diesel - it's that kind of diesel podcast. You will hear a lot about how the diesel engine performs and what modifications yield the best results for whatever use, whether motorsports, like sled pulling and drag racing to everyday driving. The podcast will also include plenty of humor - it's that kind of podcast, too! 

Episode 1 features an informal conversation with Duramaxtuner.COM's Nick Priegnitz talking about his favorite topic, the Duramax engine. Nick knows more about the engine and its performance capacity and potential than anyone else. The conversation spans the entire list of engine types - LB7, LLY, LBZ and LML - describing the pros and cons of each engine build and the differences between them. Questions about the best type of Duramax to buy for a newbie comes up along with the necessary modifications to achieve specific horsepower levels.