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Diesel Performance Podcast

Jul 6, 2016

PSP Diesel's Stephen Peters says a bullet-proofed Ford 6.0 is probably the least expensive, most reliable diesel power you can get. Stephen joins Paul and Danny on the podcast to explain the modifications included in the bullet-proofing process. He also goes into detail on the best way to keep a Ford 6.0 healthy (oil changes) but he also talks about oil filtration and how it's lowering maintenance costs and making the 6.0 look even better. 

Check out PSP Diesel of South Houston, Texas:

Paul Wilson
almost four years ago

I am available for help at 815-568-7920 ext 2122 or

Danny Voss
almost four years ago

Thank you for listening! If anyone needs to reach me I am at (815)568-7920 X 2124 -Danny Voss