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Sep 8, 2017

The H1 Hummer needed a new head gasket for its factory 6.5. Rather than keep the factory engine, the owner wanted an old 12V Cummins with an Allison from a bread truck - but Rob Hartman convinced him to go with an LBZ Duramax. The donor came from a wrecked 2006 with 160K. Only three months, and 130 hours of labor, the 2003 H1 Hummer had a new identity. The LBZ has 60% injectors, 68mm turbo, and an Allison 6 speed with a GM 261 transfer case. The project sits on 40's with a three-inch body lift, stock CP3 and a lift pump. 

All of this is fascinating - of course - especially when you hear how Rob fit everything into the H1's engine bay. 

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