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Aug 26, 2022

You newer Powerstroke owners are going to want to listen in on this episode. Finally, there is a way to bypass ECM swaps to tune your 2020-2021 Powerstroke 6.7l diesel. The boys break it all down here!

Aug 19, 2022

Paul and Nick give you an update on the big Cummins that was supposed to be a UCC truck ions ago. This thing has gone through a ton and Nick breaks down all the upgrades, mods, and mishaps along the way!

Aug 12, 2022

Mike Hanzuk is back on the show to discuss what happens after the EPA raids your shop for deleting diesel trucks. This stuff is rough for us enthusiasts and that is what Mike is at his core. Mike thanks for sharing your story and we look forward to having him back!

Aug 5, 2022

The title says it all. You're doing manual regens wrong! The guys tell you how to know if you need to put your truck in a manual regen, why it's important, and how to actually perform a manual regen.