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Feb 25, 2022

Paul and Chris discuss the two most needed upgrades on your 2020-2021 Duramax, Cummins, and Powerstroke! They give an in-depth view on why these upgrades will benefit your newer diesel truck.

Feb 18, 2022

Paul and Chris take an L5P brought in for the new Stealth 64 and upgraded 10 Speed Shift Kit from Ratio Tek. The boys were not disappointed with either! They break down what they love about the shift kit in this video!

Feb 11, 2022

The boys are joined by Arod and Cody from Powerstroke Tech Talk! They give their knowledge and insight about the Powerstroke platform, specifically the 6.7. They touch on topics such as the 10 speed transmissions and much more!


Check out the show over on YouTube at Powerstrok Tech Talk With Arod, check it out!

Feb 4, 2022

We got a unique one this week. Paul is joined by Tommy, resident Stealth Turbo builder at Calibrated Power, and they show you how to build a 351cw Stealth 64. If you are listening and not viewing, head over to our YouTube page for this one, it's interesting!