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Aug 30, 2019

Gale's history with diesel performance is legendary and for that reason, he deserves the recognition as the Godfather of Diesel. In this episode - originally published on November 18, 2016 - Gale takes us back to the beginning and then brings us up to date on his work in diesel performance. 

Special Thanks to Our...

Aug 23, 2019

Paul and Chris sit down with John Lehenbauer, editor of Diesel Power Magazine.  They discuss want happens when putting together the featured stories and what the process is like. 

Aug 9, 2019

Paul and Chris discuss Chris' first few pulls of the sled pulling season. Chris has been piloting the Calibrated Power 2007 5.9L and killing the local circuit. He discusses what he's learned with just a few pulls under his belt!

Aug 2, 2019

Paul and Chris chat with Joe Hager about this upcoming sled pulling season.  Joe talks about his minty 2017 L5P that he'll be hooking up to the sled this season!