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The Diesel Performance Podcast is a conversation, debate, and everything else about the three main domestic diesel engines: Duramax, Powerstroke, and Cummins. Hosts Paul Wilson and Chris Ehmke cover topics every diesel owner needs to know - from engine maintenance and engine performance to modifications that enhance performance. If you love diesel engines and light duty pickup trucks - you've found the perfect podcast.
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Jun 24, 2016

This one of a kind diesel drag set-up has to be seen to believed. Blown Smoke won the NHRDA Pro Stock World & National Championships in an engine and chassis configuration unknown before now. Brian Spooner and Jamie Stajanowski give Paul and Danny the complete story behind Blown Smoke and how the build experienced plenty of set-backs to get where it is today. The vehicle features a 511 cubic inch Brad Anderson Hemi block with custom built heads and plenty of other mods. To learn more, check out Blown's Facebook page:

To contact the Brian or Jamie send them a message through Facebook. You can also learn more through their website: 






Jun 22, 2016

Jacob White of High Tech Turbo returns to the Diesel Performance Podcast. In this episode, Jacob explains the pros and cons of big, single turbos. He also describes the differences between the s300 and s400 chargers and apparently how size does matter when it comes to driveability. The turbo-talk also dives into the difference between sea level and high altitude turbo performance, something you may need to consider if you live in the mountains. 

To learn more about High Tech Turbo - check out the company's website:



Jun 18, 2016

Rob Coddens (aka Idaho Rob) the Super Street Legend and the Super-Street MPH Record holder of 152.88 talks to Paul and Danny about how he got started in diesel. Rob also explains the sequence of events that led to his successful work in diesel drag racing with his truck Max'd Out. If you are into diesel drag racing or interested in starting - you need to check out this podcast. 

Rob owns ATP Trucks of Meridian, Idaho


Jun 15, 2016

The Diesel Performance Podcast welcomes Charlie Ketter - winner of this year's Diesel Power Challenge with a Ford 6.0. Charlie's diesel story is incredible. The truck he used is the first diesel he's ever owned - so imagine the journey from a less than dependable 6.0 to one of the best diesel trucks in the country!

Jun 11, 2016

The guys welcome Patrick Ellis of Street Diesel Power, who also hosts the Diesel Power Podcast. The convo digs into the popularity of diesel podcasts and how they serve an important role in the industry. The trio also talks about the best power for an LBZ, which leads to a disagreement between Paul-Danny (not the first time). In the end, the DPP appreciate's Patrick's visit and his fine work on his podcast. 

To reach Danny and Paul:


Paul: ext 2122

Danny: ext 2124


To Reach Patrick: 

Jun 9, 2016

One of the most popular mods for the HD body style on a Duramax is the lift kit. They can range from the basic "leveler" to a foot high lift. The lift kit changes the truck's suspension, altering the geometry - as they say - and has the potential to make the ride really uncomfortable. That's why we called Nick Vazquez of Cognito Motorsports. The Bakersfield, California company manufacturers high-quality suspension parts and lift kits - so what better group to call to find out the best way to get the most out of a kit and other important suspension parts. 

May 28, 2016

If you want to hear someone talk with authority and passion about their work - you need to hear this podcast - even if you drive a different badge. Ron Olson has spent the last 20 years of his professional life working on the Ford 7.3 - performing research and development for Hypermax Performance of Gilberts, Illinois, creating chips and performance parts, like the inline pump engine conversion. After you listen to this episode of the Diesel Performance Podcast - you'll never look at a Ford 7.3 in the same way. 

Ron Olson's phone number is 847-428-5655



May 25, 2016

Mike Graves is a legend in the diesel performance aftermarket. The guy runs a successful custom shop in Hollywood, Maryland - where he does it all - from simple oil changes to complete motor builds. More importantly, Mike works constantly to build the next generation of diesel enthusiasts through his Friday night diesel events. Paul and Danny learn about Mike's success and how he's made it happen.



May 21, 2016

Search Industrial Injection's Shawn Baca's on YouTube and you'll find an amazing gallery of videos. You can watch him blow up turbos into giant fireballs on a dyno, split an engine block - also on a dyno - and crash his '06 Cummins at 50 mph. But all that was in the past - now Shawn finds himself at the top of the diesel performance aftermarket in the highest horsepower truck and winner of the recent Ultimate Callout Challenge! Paul and Danny find out from Shawn how he managed to get 2,474 rwhp from his '06 Cummins - taking the industry to a new and unimagined level of power. 

May 17, 2016

Jacob White works with turbos every day for High Tech Turbo as the performance product manager. If there's a question about turbochargers - Jacob knows the answer. In this podcast, he steps back and explains for Danny and Paul exactly what and how a turbocharger works on a diesel powertrain. Jacob is also very positive about the future of turbochargers in all types of vehicles, including gasoline engines. Danny-Paul also present Jacob with power scenarios, like what would he recommend for a particular type of engine set-up. The result is a fascinating discussion about the optimal power for an LB7, for example, and how to get there. This is a must-listen for all Duramax owners. 

May 13, 2016

The Diesel Performance Podcast welcomes Bob Petersen (Shotgun Bob) of Duramaxtuner.COM on the show to interview close friend and associate Chad Hall, founder of Alligator Performance of Hayden, Idaho. Chad describes the start of the company and how it has grown significantly over the years, constantly outgrowing every new building it occupies. The diesel performance part company also participated in the successful Ultimate Callout Challenge.As Bob and Chad discuss, the UCC is changing the diesel performance aftermarket with a new and unimaginable levels of engine power. This is a fascinating conversation between two guys who love diesel performance. 

May 6, 2016

Cliff Hutton of Triple C Diesel Performance knows how to break a truck in half - that's exactly what his mega truck "Nuff Said" did recently in a tug of war contest. The North Carolina performance diesel shop owner talks to Paul and Danny about the 20,000-pound truck and how it's overbuilt and ready to take on the competition. Cliff unveils a new project and that leads to a real argument between Danny and Paul about drag racing. This rowdy show is "absolutely" the best for Mother's Day.

May 3, 2016

Jimmy Hawn of Revenna, Ohio says his diesel addiction began in2001 when his grandfather bought a 24 valve. Now he sled pulls withan '06 he named "No More Cents" referring to the cash he's spent.Jimmy started with a Smarty tuner, cold air and exhaust. Now histruck is competitive in northeast Ohio and western Pennsylvaniawhere he's racked up an impressive record in theworkstock class. 

Apr 28, 2016

Anyone who works on a farm knows the importance of a tractor with enough power to get the job done. Anything less and the entire operation suffers. That's why we call today's episode Tractor Power Revolution. Hosts Paul Wilson and Danny Voss welcome Logan Eck of JMR Farms of Vincennes, Indiana. Logan talks about tractor up-rates and how the simple process has improved power on five tractors on his operation. Joining Logan is Calibrated Power's Nick Priegnitz. The podcast explains why and when a farm operation should consider a new calibration for a tractor. Other issues are described, including the difference between a calibration and other methods of increasing power on a farm tractor. Nick explains how a calibration works within the factory powertrain designs by respecting the importance of fuel monitoring on the system. If the tractor doesn't know how much fuel it's getting - bad things can happen. This episode is a must-hear for anyone who depends on tractor power on the farm - which is pretty much every farm operation in the world. 

Apr 25, 2016

Nathan Mueller visits the podcast to talk about his 2010 Camaro SS. No big deal, right? It's just a Camaro. But pop the hood and you'll find a Duramax! Hosts Paul Wilson and Danny Voss talk to Nate about his amazing diesel conversion and why he tackled such an unusual project. Then we learn Nate owns a successful business converting other vehicles, which leads to a pretty interesting convo by itself.


Here's Nate's shoutouts and links for the Duramax Camaro:

Ken Wolkens -

Adem Pela -

Rychner Speed and Fab - Facebook

Roger with Exhaust Pros

Colin Doyle

Travis Marquette

Brian Maleska




Apr 22, 2016

The Diesel Performance Podcast digs deep into the least popular, but important topic - diesel engine emissions equipment. Danny and Paul welcome expert Mike Kennedy of Calibrated Power Solutions. Mike has nearly two decades of experience working on diesel engine emissions equipment. He's currently the director of Calibrated Power's calibrations department. Anyone with a diesel will appreciate this episode because it breaks down all the emission acronyms (EGR, DOC, SCR, DPF) into everyday language while providing insight into the importance of each step in the soot and NOX cleaning process in a diesel. The guys also address the how deleting emissions equipment may not really pay off the way some expect. It's a fascinating conversation that every diesel owner probably needs to listen to. 

Apr 19, 2016

The Diesel Performance Podcast visits with Lottsburg, Virginia farmer Mark Downing. Mark recounts his diesel addiction, starting with a 6.5 GMC to an '01 Duramax that included some major problems (injectors, head gasket, injection pump) by 80K miles (ouch!). Mark sold the '01 Duramax and bought an '01 Cummins. Mark then describes his enjoyment of spraying nitrous - nothing gets the turbo going better, he says. Danny agrees because he uses nitrous too. After listening to this episode, you'll be amazed at the amount of work some diesel owners put into their trucks to satisfy that need for horsepower!



Apr 15, 2016

No doubt about it - the LML is the Duramax of choice for many. The ride quality cannot be matched by any other Duramax. But how does the LML compare when it comes to performance? What does the owner have to do to hit 500 rwhp and beyond? DPP hosts Paul Wilson and Danny Voss talk to LML expert and owner-founder of Calibrated Power Solutions and Duramaxtuner.COM, Nick Priegnitz. 

Apr 12, 2016

Byron, Illinois resident Mike Carter stops by with his show quality LML for this episode of the Diesel Performance Podcast Truck Advisor. Paul and Danny learn how Mike's diesel addiction starts with his father's truck that is eventually handed down - beginning with an LLY. Today Mike's LML is emissions equipped and tuned by Duramaxtuner.COM. Along with the tuning, Mike's truck includes an amazing set of subwoofers under the back seat - so not only does his truck look good - but you can hear it coming from a quarter mile away! 


Mike Carter's LML

Apr 8, 2016

Paul and Danny wrap up a two-episode series about Calibrated Power Solutions' Turbo Shootout. The shootout involved testing five aftermarket turbochargers for spool-up, towing and peak power. The guys go over some of the results in this episode and draw some important conclusions about the selection of an aftermarket turbocharger. Listeners are also invited to download the full 17 page report at 

Apr 5, 2016

Paul and Danny welcome Chuck Dilly to the podcast to talk about his fully built Duramax. DPP guest and diesel expert Chris Ehmke joins the conversation about Chuck's amazing 900 horsepower monster he drives every day in any weather. The guys tackle the important issue of what to do if your truck fails after a major build. Some give up and go home - but not Chuck! The crew also talks about the importance of setting goals for a truck build - figuring out exactly how much horsepower you want. This is a rowdy, explicit conversation worth every minute of your time. 

Chuck Dilly with his 940 rwhp truck

Apr 2, 2016

The Diesel Performance Podcast begins a two-episode discussion about Calibrated Power Solution's Cummins Turbo Shootout. Co-Hosts Paul Wilson and Danny Voss describe the series of tests to measure five aftermarket turbochargers in several categories, including spool-up, towing, and peak power. This first episode goes over the basics. A second episode will talk about the results. Listeners are invited to download the 17-page final report from Calibrated Power's website - 

Mar 25, 2016

Andrew Murdock of Suncoast Converters explains how to build the best transmission for whatever application you need. The most important consideration - the torque converter. 

Mar 22, 2016

Sean Kiser drives a '06 Cummins Quad-Cab he bought brand new. But his truck has come a long way since then. Even though he doesn't race with it all the time - he did make one run and finished in the 10's at 127 mph with a calculated rwhp of over 900. Join Paul Wison and Danny Voss as they talk to Sean about his truck and the addictive passion of diesel power. 

Mar 18, 2016

Paul Wilson hitches a ride in a freshly tuned 2.8L Duramax Canyon and becomes a believer. This is not your typical small truck - this is a real diesel with enough towing capacity to haul a car trailer or whatever. Nick Priegnitz, Owner-Founder of Duramaxtuner.COM, talks about the V4 Duramax and its tuning potential - both for the engine control module (ECM) and transmission control module (TCM). The entire podcast takes place behind the wheel with Paul reacting as each new tune is loaded. The small, kinda dead stock tuned truck turns into an energetic joy to drive. Duramaxtuner.COM's Nick Priegnitz is convinced the 2.8L Duramax platform is here to stay and has an awesome future in the diesel performance aftermarket. 

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