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The Diesel Performance Podcast is a conversation, debate, and everything else about the three main domestic diesel engines: Duramax, Powerstroke, and Cummins. Hosts Paul Wilson and Chris Ehmke cover topics every diesel owner needs to know - from engine maintenance and engine performance to modifications that enhance performance. If you love diesel engines and light duty pickup trucks - you've found the perfect podcast.
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Sep 15, 2016

Danny and Paul throw verbal punches over how much horsepower a stock bottom end LBZ - or any Duramax - can hold. Larry LaPan visits the podcast and seems to agree with Paul that a stock bottom can hold 750 horsepower (his LBZ does just that). Danny argues 650 is the max because any higher and you'll probably crack a piston. Danny even mentions SoCal Diesel's Guy Tripp - renowned engine builder - who took his side during the July 8, 2016, podcast. So sit back and listen to the arguments and reasoning on both sides of this debate and draw your own conclusions. 


Sep 9, 2016

XDP Monster Truck driver Dave Radzierez joins the podcast to regale the guys with war stories about his amazing truck. The XDP monster is powered by a 12 valve. XDP's Monster engine dynoed at 1,483 hp - not including nitrous he sprays every time he races. Despite its size, Dave makes this truck dance - doing backflips, jumps, and racing. His truck even jumped end to end school buses, which we find incredible. Join Paul and Danny in an unforgettable episode. You'll want to listen to this at least twice, maybe three times. 

Sep 6, 2016

This is a Special Edition of the Diesel Performance Podcast with hosts Nick Priegnitz, Paul Wilson, and Danny Voss answering questions and responding to comments about a recent video post on the Clean Sweep -'s emissions intact sled puller. The crew then dives into the New York Times article about rolling coal that also mentions the Clean Sweep. It's a timely discussion about emissions intact diesel performance and's perspective on the future of the motorsport. 





Sep 2, 2016

Imagine an emission intact twin turbo - impossible some say - but the guests on this episode are determined to prove everyone wrong! The Diesel Performance Podcast welcomes Matt Rosenberg from Lewisville, Idaho. He owns a 2016 LML he's planning to build into an emission intact twin turbo. Joining Matt is Diesel Tech magazine's Austin Carlise. The two visited the podcast in person after delivering the LML to a fab shop where the kit will be installed. Afterward, the truck will visit Duramaxtuner where Nick Priegnitz will build the tune. Matt and Austin explain what's involved in the build and why they think now is the time for a twin turbo with the DPF ON! 

Aug 26, 2016

The DPP Truck Advisor welcomes Garrett Mitchell of Gillette, Wyoming to talk about his truck a Cummins with an interesting story. Paul and Danny advise Garrett on the next step in his build and zero-in on what he wants to do with the truck. Stick around for the end of the DPP and a visit with Brad Moffitt of the Ohio Corn, Wheat, and Grass Association. 

Aug 19, 2016

Wade Lalone sled pulls with a semi - a 1,200 horsepower monster with 1.6 million miles on her. Wade owns Diesel Freak - a Gaylord, Michigan performance diesel shop. In this episode, Wade talks with Paul and Danny about his semi sled puller and explains how the rig is built. Wade is a firm believer that the future of diesel performance will include emissions intact trucks. The challenge will involve tuning the factory settings to achieve performance goals. 

To learn more about Diesel Freak:



Aug 15, 2016

In the last four-and-a-half years, Jim Rendant's 2006 Cummins quad-cab, short bed has gone through a lot - turbos, injectors, transmissions and two engines. Jim's truck is a rolling Cummins performance laboratory. He's the latest addition to the CPS team specializing in - what else - Cummins performance! In this episode, Jim joins Nick Priegnitz to talk about the latest developments in Cummins tuning and turbos. Real-time tuning support for the 1998.5 - 2016 is now available and offers huge potential. In addition, Jim and Nick take a deep dive into the Stealth 64 for the Cummins. Jim installed the turbocharger on his '06 with amazing results on both the street and track. 




Aug 12, 2016

Truck Advisor Returns!

Caden Hess drives what he calls a "Pavement Princess" - a very well maintained 2010 LMM. He's now at the point where it's time to upgrade and power up - so where else should he go to discover his options than the Diesel Performance Podcast?

Paul and Danny go through Caden's options along and offer a few suggestions to get to 750 rwhp. It's a great episode except that Danny and Paul talk too much. 

Thanks for your time Caden. 

Aug 10, 2016

The dead pedal on a new diesel can be frustrating, especially if the owner has driven a diesel with a tuned, responsive throttle. In this episode, Nick Priegnitz and Chris Ehmke continue their conversation about the dead pedal - but this time focusing on how to fix it. Instead of deleting the emissions equipment (like some suggest) they say the best solution is to tune the truck. Both Nick and Chris explain why.






Aug 5, 2016

The Diesel Performance Podcast celebrates 100,000 downloads! When we launched the podcast back in November 2015 we had no idea what to expect. All we knew was that diesel enthusiasts have a real passion for the performance aftermarket. Sure enough, the podcast found an audience.

Thank you for listening. We hope you enjoy our celebration episode, which contains a few surprises: We analyze Danny's one-liners, Chris Ehmke's laugh, and Paul's inability to admit he has made a mistake. 

And the producer, Rich Kuenneke joins the team to talk about the past, present and future of the Diesel Performance Podcast. 




Aug 3, 2016

Nick Priegnitz and Chris Ehmke dissect the dead pedal problem found in newer trucks. What exactly is a dead pedal? It's an unresponsive throttle that really throws new truck owners for a loop - especially if they're a previous owner of a tuned truck. Nick and Chris explain the problem and what causes it. This is the first part of a two-part series. The two guys solve the problem in the next episode on the topic. 

Jul 28, 2016

According to Tony Burkhard success on the sled track has everything to do with your set-up or suspension. Tony the owner of Dirty Hooker Diesel of Harbor Beach, Michigan. He's also a multi-winner of several pulling titles. Tony says he learned early that no matter the engine build or other mods - suspension is what makes or breaks the sled pull, literally!


Jul 26, 2016

This podcast is for anyone who makes a living with a diesel powertrain in agriculture or any industry where heavy duty diesel engines bear the burden of getting the job done. Hosts Nick Priegnitz and Paul Wilson describe tractor tuning from Calibrated Power Solutions. Tractor tuning increases horsepower within the powertrain specifications. These tractor calibrations make it possible to run the tractor in a higher gear with lower RPM's, saving time and most importantly, fuel.  


Jul 23, 2016

There's a new class in sled pulling - the outlaw class and it's a crowd pleaser. Unlike stock and 2.5 trucks, the outlaw class doesn't have any rules. It's a "run-what-you-brung" pull. You can have a 1,200 horsepower truck go up against one with less than half the horsepower and still be competitive against each other. Stuff is always breaking - so what's not to like about that, right? 

The Diesel Performance Podcast welcomes veteran sled puller Pete Shibby to talk about the class and why he runs in it. Hosts Nick Priegnitz and Danny Voss ask Shibby to go into detail about how some pullers are figuring out the class and what they need to do to gain every extra foot possible. 

Jul 20, 2016

Technology improvements in the 2010 and newer Cummins have made emissions intact performance gains possible. In fact, Clint Cannon, Founder-Owner of ATS Diesel describes the next technological achievement for his company - emission intact twin turbo system. Clint explains to Danny and Paul the system uses a patented manifold design to use the engine's heat to compliment the emissions equipment. This new design he describes as a bolt-on twin turbo system. 

Jul 18, 2016

Diesel Performance Podcast host Nick Priegnitz welcomes Chris Ehmke of Calibrated Power Solutions and to talk about drop-in turbochargers. What's the difference between drop-in turbochargers when compared to those that require a pedestal, oil lines, and various other components? As Nick and Chris discuss, the manufacturers had a good reason to use the size of charger they did and it relates to driveability, ease of installation, and common sense. But everyone has to experience the blast-off from a big charger, right? 

Jul 16, 2016

Pulling in the 2.5 charger class means different things in different regions of the country. It's a real mess because there's no set rules or agreement. 

Danville Performance's Mark Broviak joins the Diesel Performance Podcast to help Danny and Paul understand what's going on in the 2.5 pulling class. Mark says 2.5 trucks can differ in horsepower by several hundred because of how the rules are written. And the rules also affect how much it will cost to be successful in that class. 





Jul 13, 2016

Ryan Gelinas spends more than 200 freaking days on the road every year promoting and marketing ATS. He's been to every sled pull, drag race, and dyno event out there. What better person to talk to about diesel gatherings, right? Paul Wilson and Ryan go over the major events every diesel enthusiast needs to know about. They also explain which could be considered family friendly and those that are not (if you know what I mean). Diesel events always provide access to nationally known brands and people showcasing the latest, greatest thing in the diesel performance aftermarket. 

Jul 11, 2016

Jon Flament's '06 Cummins hit 11 seconds - but is destined to shave another second - at least that's what Jon wants to do - go fast, real fast. In this episode of the Diesel Performance Podcast, Chris Ehmke talks with Jon about his build and future plans for his truck.

Jul 8, 2016

SoCalDiesel's Guy Tripp talks to Danny and Paul about Duramax engine builds and what owners need to consider. Guy is a pioneer in the diesel performance aftermarket. He's a mechanical engineer with many years of design and manufacturer experience with cylinder heads and other high-performance parts for gasoline and diesel engines. Guy got into diesel following the introduction of the Bosch Common Rail, which many credit with creating the diesel industry we know today. In this episode, he goes into detail with the evolution of diesel parts, like cranks and pistons. And he talks about the jet ski he built and powered with nitrous. Sounds crazy - but that's what mechanical engineers do - bend the envelope to create parts for the rest of us. 

Jul 6, 2016

PSP Diesel's Stephen Peters says a bullet-proofed Ford 6.0 is probably the least expensive, most reliable diesel power you can get. Stephen joins Paul and Danny on the podcast to explain the modifications included in the bullet-proofing process. He also goes into detail on the best way to keep a Ford 6.0 healthy (oil changes) but he also talks about oil filtration and how it's lowering maintenance costs and making the 6.0 look even better. 

Check out PSP Diesel of South Houston, Texas:

Jul 4, 2016

It's the battle between the small diesel engines - GMC Canyon 2.8L versus Jeep 3.0L EcoDiesel. Calibrated Power Solutions founder-owner Nick Priegnitz along with CPS diesel tech DJ Wlasiuk and vice president of operations and sale strategies Jamie Kerley discuss the performance differences between the platforms. 

Jul 1, 2016

Diesel Technology Source's David Browning schools Paul and Danny on the finer points of sled pulling. David explains the beginning of the sport and why it's so popular among farmers and other country folks. David goes into detail on the hitch and the importance of a particular set-up to get the best results. The conversation devolves (as it usually does with Paul and Danny) into what happens when sled pullers break their shit. They usually drown their sorrows in a 12 pack. 

Jun 30, 2016

Anthony Reams talks about his XDP sponsored drag truck and a new set up: common rail, twin turbo with dual fuelers clocking 9.14, 153.89 mph - outrunning two national records for ET and MPH!


Anthony Reams Racing


Jun 27, 2016's founder-owner, Nick Priegnitz, hosts the Diesel Performance Podcast with Danny Voss to talk about a new and exciting frontier - emissions equipped sled pulling. DT's emission's equipped sled truck Clean Sweep is a 2012 LML Duramax beta testing the Stealth 64 VVT turbocharger. Clean Sweep changes everything for performance diesel with its 600+ horsepower and the factory exhaust intact - removing smoke and noise but maintaining power. 

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