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The Diesel Performance Podcast is a conversation, debate, and everything else about the three main domestic diesel engines: Duramax, Powerstroke, and Cummins. Hosts Paul Wilson and Chris Ehmke cover topics every diesel owner needs to know - from engine maintenance and engine performance to modifications that enhance performance. If you love diesel engines and light duty pickup trucks - you've found the perfect podcast.
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Feb 24, 2017

Now is a good time to work in the diesel industry, according to Nicola Menarini. He should know, he's been involved in diesel engineering for nearly 30 years working for multiple manufacturers worldwide. Today Nicola is GM's Chief Engineer & Program Manager for Duramax where he's overseeing the rollout the next Generation Duramax - the 6.6L L5P, 2.8L Duramax and the 1.6L diesel power the new Chevy Cruze. Nicola explains to Diesel Performance Podcast's Nick Priegnitz, Danny Voss, and Paul Wilson some of the forthcoming changes to the GM diesel line-up. The new Chevy Cruze will feature a manual transmission because that's what customers said they wanted. The future will also include diesel configurations of a medium size SUV and Van. The conversation also covers exhaust gas temperatures, regen, transient response, and the removal of soot and NOx emissions from diesel exhaust. 


Feb 17, 2017

Gale Banks returns to the Diesel Performance Podcast for an incredibly deep dive into the L5P top end. Banks holds enormous respect for the next-gen Duramax - it's ruggedness and power potential. Yes, we hear a specific horsepower number from Gale. Paul, Nick, and Gale go into the new Duramax oiling system, pistons, heads, and other topics. Gale also digs into his work with his Duramax builds for performance applications. Get comfortable - sit back - and enjoy hearing from master engine visionary Gale Banks.


Gale Banks L5P article

Banks L5P Breakdown

Feb 10, 2017

UCC defending champ Lavon Miller returns with new fuel, new turbos, and a completely different mindset. Paul and Danny get Lavon to open up and explain a lot about what he's doing differently. And by the way - Miller says he prefers going fast to sled-pulling. 

Feb 3, 2017

Paul and Danny are as happy as school girls on a pony picnic. They're loving these UCC interviews! That's because they feature the best and the dirtiest of diesel performance. These guys are sitting on the bleeding edge of technology and helping all of us grow the motorsport - they're stories are just fascinating. Randy Reyes joins the guys to talk about his Cummins Dually and what's involved in his engine build. He also describes the work he's done to the transmission with an emphasis on the valve body. Sit back and enjoy - it's another great episode of the Diesel Performance Podcast. 

Jan 27, 2017

Derek Rose returns to the Ultimate Callout Challenge with the same blue regular cab Cummins. This time the engine sports an interesting set-up unlike anything we've ever heard. Paul and Danny pull out the specifics about Derek's interesting build and what he hopes to do at the UCC.

Jan 20, 2017

The Diesel Performance Podcast delivers another Ultimate Callout Challenge interview. This time Zach Fuller of Starlitediesel. Zach's 2005 Crew Cab Dually is called Big Blue - ran sixth place last year at the UCC. Paul and Danny dive into Zach's build for this year's UCC and ask about what he learned last year.



Jan 13, 2017

Ryan Husted of SOTA Offroad & WeldXT joins the podcast to talk about the fine art of aftermarket truck rims. Rims make or break the truck - they announce an attitude and make a statement about the owner's personality. Ryan breaks it all down in detail and explains how the rims are designed and built and why you should care. Along the way Paul and Danny talk about the typical Duramax front end and why certain modifications are necessary - especially if you're planning to add rims. 

For more information check out:


Jan 7, 2017

The 4 X 4 Podcast's Dan Cole joins the guys to talk about anything and everything related to the off-road lifestyle. Dan relates his experience driving on the Baji 1000, which did not go well - but it was a good experience anyway! Dan also goes into detail on another off-road event - King of Hammers! This area of the motorsport world is fascinating and extends into everything including a discussion of side-by-sides and other small, trail vehicles. But what about diesel trucks? Dan answers the question.

Dec 30, 2016

All the talk about $30,000.00 or $15,000.00 budget builds... This guest blows those numbers out of the park with the story behind his 1994 regular cab. Tyler Kip ran 9.76 in the quarter mile in a truck he's built over and over again with less expensive parts than your later model diesel trucks. In fact, an engine build costs only $1,500.00 compared to 20K and up for later model Duramax engines. In this episode, Tyler talks through the years and the hard work involved in getting his truck into the nines, which as we learn isn't about money alone. For example, Tyler mentions the importance of suspension set-up that helped him finally break into the nines. He then goes into detail about what's next for his truck. This is a great episode for anyone interested in how other drivers think about their build projects. Doing more with less may be the only way for some. 

Dec 24, 2016

The Diesel Performance Podcast continues informing, educating and entertaining about diesel performance with an episode about common rail diesel injectors. Paul and Danny invite Lenny Reed, owner of Dynomite Diesel Products on the podcast to go over injectors and what every diesel owner needs to know. This episode of the DPP explains how injectors work and what affects performance. Lenny also covers a few tips on taking care of your injectors. Other topics include the importance of lift pumps and injector balance and calibration issues. This is a must listen for every diesel owner.


Dec 18, 2016

We first mentioned the Twin Turbo LML - DPF ON! during the September 2nd episode of the Diesel Performance Podcast. In this episode, the emissions equipped twin turbo is finished and everyone's gathered around the microphones to give their assessment of how it turned out - including DYNO numbers! 

Joining Danny today is Nick Priegnitz, who tuned the truck. Jason Wehrli of WCFAB who built the kit, Austin Carlisle of Diesel Tech Magazine, and Matt Rosenberg, truck owner. 

Speical thanks to Diesel Tech Magazine for making this episode of the podcast possible. 

Dec 14, 2016

The Diesel Performance Podcast is the official podcast for the Ultimate Callout Challenge - a performance diesel event like no other. By invitation only, a couple dozen trucks and drivers will compete this April in Indianapolis - they'll drag, pull, and dyno against each other for the ultimate bragging rights. Last year's event resulted in several trucks running over 2,000 horsepower. 

This is our first profile of a UCC participant - Nick Priegnitz of Calibrated Power Solutions. The DPP plans to interview all the participants, so we thought we'd start with someone close to home. 

CPS will drive a 2011 Cummins dually with a displacement of 10.4L - increased from an 8.9 ISL. Twin 14mm fuel pumps and 500% over injectors from Exergy. DT's UCC truck will also sport a 10-foot bed instead of the eight-foot factory configuration. 



Dec 9, 2016

The codes pop up on a Duramax when there's low fuel rail pressure: P0087 or P1093. Usually, the truck is performing at its maximum and unable to keep up with what's commanded. The common rail fuel system operates at 28 - 29,000 psi and needs to drop only 2,200 psi to trigger the trouble code. Once the pressure drops, the Duramax goes into limp mode. In this episode of the Diesel Performance Podcast, Paul welcomes back Calibrated Power Solution's service manager, Phil Grandinetti to diagnose the symptoms and propose solutions for low fuel rail pressure on the Duramax. Troubleshooting P0087 or P1093 is not that straight forward. The stock fuel system on a Duramax includes both high and low-pressure sides with each generating its own set of symptoms. Paul and Phil go into detail on the symptoms, diagnostics, failures, causes, fixes and prevention. This is a must-listen for every Duramax owner. 

Dec 2, 2016

The legendary Gale Banks returns to the Diesel Performance Podcast. In this episode, Paul, Danny, and Nick Priegnitz learn about Gale's work with the new Duramax engine, the L5P. This episode examines the L5P's bottom end, along with the engine's amazing performance potential. Gale hopes to use the new design to reach 400 mph with a diesel at Bonneville The credit goes to GM, according to Gale. All the new and improved features on the L5P grew from GM's own design team. 

Gale and Nick then get into the weeds on DYNOs - a mutual passion. Gale believes DYNOs should focus on measuring the horsepower and torque for specific performance applications, like drag racing, sled pulling or engine design. He cannot understand the usefulness of the so-called DYNO-Queens or trucks built for the purpose of hitting a number only.

The podcast with Gale concludes with a detailed discussion about air density in diesel performance. Gale also describes a new device that will measure boost air density called the iDash C(2)i - which stands for command, control, and information. 


Nov 25, 2016

The ultimate diesel performance event gets underway in less than six months. Six months - a half-year - that's nothing when it comes to prep time for this years' participants in the Ultimate Callout Challenge. The 2017 event takes place at the Lucas Oil Raceway near Indianapolis, Indiana April 21 - 23 and promises to live up to the title - ultimate. Organizer Brandon Pierce joins the podcast to talk about the event - its founding and growth into what has been called the "Olympics of Diesel Motorsports." The Diesel Performance Podcast also announces its participation as the official podcast for the UCC, a true honor. Brandon explains how UCC trucks are selected for the invitation-only motorsport and why the Challenge has become the biggest and badest of its kind in the nation. 

For more information, contact Brandon Pierce

UCC Tickets and Information

Ultimate Callout Challenge on Facebook


Nov 18, 2016

The Diesel Performance Podcast welcomes the legendary engine builder and performance visionary Gale Banks of Banks Engineering. Wow! That's the best word to describe this podcast. Danny, Paul and Nick Priegnitz spend more than an hour downloading Gale's vast memory - nearly 60 years - of innovation in diesel performance on both land and water. Gale's first experience with turbocharging dates back to 1966; first twin turbo engine in 1969 - it was a marine application. In 1978, Gale turbocharged GM's 6.2L diesel. In 1987, he built the powertrain behind the world's fastest passenger car - a twin-turbo build that hit 283 mph at Bonneville. Today Banks Engineering develops military applications for the latest diesel from GM, the L5P. Specifically, Gale is developing powertrains for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) for military vehicle builder Oshkosh. The spectrum of topics includes an insightful discussion about air-fuel ratios, DYNOS, and the decision to use Duramax engines in military vehicles instead of Cummins. If a podcast could make you gain weight, you'd put on several pounds with this episode. It's a full, seven-course meal of knowledge and information that gets a little rowdy. Enjoy. 

Nov 11, 2016

The Diesel Performance Podcast welcomes Phil Grandinetti, a GM transmission expert and service manager for Calibrated Power. The Allison transmission is purpose-built to handle the torque supplied from the Duramax engine, a job it does very well. But once you modify the engine and add extra horsepower, things can go wrong if you fail to consider what those changes do to the transmission. Phil gives Paul and Danny insight into how to best troubleshoot transmission issues. They describe transmission symptoms and fixes along with preventative maintenance every Duramax owner should perform. This is an excellent podcast for those new to diesel performance as well as the experienced Duramax owner.

Nov 4, 2016

Caleb McKinney joins the podcast to talk about his diesel passion - something he's had since he was seven years old. Caleb's specific interest is the 2015 Cummins - a truck his wife uses as a daily driver. Being no stranger to diesel trucks, Caleb contacted the podcast through Facebook with a list of questions and comments about the future of his truck. What he's looking for is reliability, towing power, and whatever else the guys could recommend. Danny and Paul go into detail and bust a handful of myths along the way. This is one of our best truck advisors. 



Oct 28, 2016

The lift pump is probably one of the most important bolt-ons you can get for your diesel truck. Lift pumps help the CP3 maintain fuel pressure, remove impurities, and seem to add life to the high-pressure side of the fuel system. The manufacturers say lift pumps improve mileage through anecdotal claims, mostly. So what are the other benefits of lift pumps? Hosts Danny Voss and Chris Ehmke talk in great detail about the lift pump and explain why it should be your first bolt-on. They talk about the two top manufacturers - Air Dog and Fass - and explain the important of filling out and sending in the damn warranty card.



Oct 21, 2016

Diesel Power Magazine editor KJ Jones visits the podcast where he explains everything you ever wanted to know about the Diesel Power Challenge. KJ also explains what you need to know to be considered for the challenge. 

Oct 14, 2016

The Diesel Performance Podcast returns with a new budget build episode. The budget is $30,000.00 with the objective to hit 750 RWHP. Nick Priegnitz of Calibrated Power tackles an '06 LBZ Duramax; Tim Slatter of Centurion Fleet Services builds a Powerstroke 6.0, and Danny Voss of builds a '06 Cummins. In the end, Paul Wilson picks a winner based on whether or not he would buy the vehicle once the build was complete. This is one of the rowdiest episodes yet - guaranteed to make you laugh and day dream about your own build project. 

Oct 7, 2016

Calibrated Power's Chris Ehmke joins the podcast to talk to Caden Hess - a diesel tech with a well know heavy equipment company in his home state. Caden also runs a small, one bay shop near his home near Cadillac, Michigan. Caden and Chris talk about the diesel industry and how things have evolved over the years. While rolling coal was once really cool - it isn't now, according to Caden who consults with customers about staying away from mods that draw attention. Caden's girlfriend Meagan joins the conversation and explains how diesel parts and dating go together, if at all. 

Thanks again Chris for jumping in to do a quick podcast...



Sep 30, 2016

Paul and Danny return with the another truck buyer's guide. In this episode, they dive pretty deep into what you need to know to be a smart diesel truck buyer. Danny sold trucks for years and has an interesting perspective. Paul knows what year and models respond when tuned and modified. If you have any question, send a message to Paul and Danny through Facebook. 

Sep 23, 2016

Tom Venhuizen became a sled operator when he realized it cost too much to build and run a sled pull truck. Now he can say he makes money at every sled event he attends! Tom joined the podcast to share a few stories about the operation of the Mechanical Mule. He explains how the mule works and how it has changed over the years. A newer pulling sled can be bought from two manufacturers, but Tom bought his back in the 1970s and has modified it extensively. Every year the pulling sled is inspected in preparation for the upcoming season for safety reasons. Although he may be along for the ride, Tom is also able to shut down the pull if it becomes unsafe. If you're interested in sled pulling, you won't want to miss this episode. 

For more information contact Tom Venhuizen 815-535-5299

Sep 19, 2016

This episode of the Diesel Performance Podcast is a response to the debate between Danny and Paul about how much horsepower you can run on a stock long block Duramax.'s Nick Priegnitz and Bob Petersen cover every issue related to high horsepower on the stock engine - diving into what to consider to achieve 550 - 800 rwhp, a horsepower range we call No Man's Land. The veteran tuners explain what kills engines and how to protect them. They also go into detail on the major parts that increase fuel and air on the Duramax, helping owners understand how to achieve a good, safe balance between power and heat. This is the episode every Duramax owner needs to listen to. 

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